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Highlights of Lake Sequoyah in Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Highlights of Lake Sequoyah
in Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Cherokee Village, Arkansas has seven private lakes that offer plenty of outdoor recreation.

One of the seven is Lake Sequoyah. The highlights of this lake are:

* 75.5 acres

* 2.361 miles of shoreline

* Maximum depth 55 feet

* Fishing, swimming, no-wake boating, and canoeing allowed

* Gitche Gummee Swimming Beach

* Navigable channel connects and allows boat access between Lake Sequoyah and Lake Thunderbird, the largest lake in Cherokee Village.

Many people love Lake Sequoyah because they can have the best of both worlds when it comes to the lakes. Lake Sequoyah is a no-wake lake so you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the lake without the noisy boat traffic. However, when you "feel the need for speed", it is just a short boat ride through the channel into Lake Thunderbird where you are able to water ski and travel at faster speeds.

There is plenty of fishing on Lake Sequoyah with crappie fishing being popular in the springtime. Fishing tip: Directly off the floating markers at the public beach area about two or three boat lengths out is a good spot to try your hand at the crappie. Down on the bottom is plenty of wood structure that attract crappie and is a known crappie spot in Cherokee Village.

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All of the lakes in Cherokee Village are operated by the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (SID) for the use and enjoyment of property owners and their guests. Lake Patrol officers monitor the lakes to make sure all boats are in compliance with state and local regulations, and that all users of the lakes are property owners and/or their registered guests.

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