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Highlights of Lake Cherokee in Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Highlights of Lake Cherokee
in Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Cherokee Village, Arkansas has seven private lakes that offer plenty of outdoor recreation.

One of the seven is Lake Cherokee. The highlights of this lake are:

* 37 acres

* 1.461 miles of shoreline

* Maximum depth 40 feet

* Fishing, swimming, no-wake boating, and canoeing allowed

* Lake Cherokee flows with a scenic waterfall into and through Papoose Park.

Lake Cherokee is known as the fishing lake of Cherokee Village that many residents fish consistantly. It is very close to Town Center and close to all the amenities in Cherokee Village. It's just a short drive to the east entrance of Cherokee Village on the "4 lane" Highway 62/412 for convenience to shopping in Highland, Hardy, and Ash Flat.

The lake is on the Sharp County side of Cherokee Village. Lake Cherokee has many homes around its shoreline with not many empty lots remaining.

Lake Cherokee is no-wake lake and another very peaceful lake in Cherokee Village. This a good lake for canoeing, fishing and no-wake pontoon boat cruising for the residents and guests.

There is access to the lakeshore for those who do not live on the lake at Papoose Park at the north side of the lake by hiking up the trails by the waterfall or you can access the lake on East Lakeshore Drive also at the north end of the lake. The dam at Lake Cherokee creates that wonderful waterfall that you can see at the park at Town Center at the intersection of Cherokee Road and Iroquois Drive.

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All of the lakes in Cherokee Village are operated by the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (SID) for the use and enjoyment of property owners and their guests. Lake Patrol officers monitor the lakes to make sure all boats are in compliance with state and local regulations, and that all users of the lakes are property owners and/or their registered guests.

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